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"trust the Experts" (2021) Science Moms x Joan - Broadcast spot - music composed by j. Palmiotti

"March of the Schadenfreuden" music and lyrics by j. Palmiotti (2022)

"The Mannequin Dance" - (Full Orchestral) video and composition by J. Palmiotti (2020)

"The Conversion (for strings)" by J. Palmiotti (2021) 

"Be the First" Virgin hotels (2020)

"Love's a Dangerous Thing" (J. Palmiotti & the Hey Rube)

"What For?" (J. Palmiotti)

"Daddy's Home (and We're Gonna Get It)" (j. Palmiotti)

"Another day at the Horsetrack" (j. Palmiotti)

"Put the Beast to Sleep" (j. Palmiotti & the Hey Rube)

"Spring Street Blues" (j. Palmiotti)

"My Invitation" by J. Palmiotti & the Hey Rube in "Wonderwood" (2019)

Original Score of "I Still Am" by J. Palmiotti (Dialogue and sound omitted)

"Wonderwood" (2019) original score, scene and ending sequence by J. Palmiotti

ending sequence and credits from "You Can't Kill Stephen King" (2012) - "So Young" and "Put the Beast to Sleep" by J. Palmiotti & the Hey Rube

"High Morning" Bandido Coffee Co. (2020)

"There's Where" (J. Palmiotti) video by Ben Cawiezell (2017)

"Heaven" (j. Palmiotti)

"Lonely Little Sanctuary" (j. Palmiotti)

"There's Where" (j. Palmiotti)

"Put the Weight on Me" (j. Palmiotti)

"Lonely Little Sanctuary" (j. Palmiotti)

"I've Got it Made" (j. Palmiotti)

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